The first PDF scale modeling book designed to be updated and expanded with 184 pages and over 850 sequenced color photos organized into 6 chapters. Presented in step by step color photos are Mike's unique and systematic techniques for building, detailing, painting, decaling and basic weathering.  All the scale modeling knowledge, skills and techniques that you will ever need to build great scale model aircraft are included in this updateable and expandable book.
So start building scale model aircraft the Mike Ashey way!

 Detailing Scale Model Aircraft, second edition is also available on ebay.

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Detailing Scale Model Aircraft, second edition sample pages Mike Ashey Publishing
This PDF book has 6 files. Chapter 1 includes the books front cover and the table of contents and chapter 6 includes the workbench tips and the books back cover. The 6 PDF files will be transmitted to you using your PayPal email address unless you specify another email address. Due to the size of the files, you will receive several emails from us with the PDF attachments. Updates to existing chapters and new chapters will also be available as PDF files.
The PDF version of the book is value priced at $20.00.
Detailing Scale Model Aircraft, second edition by Mike Ashey Publishing. Detailing Scale Model Aircraft, second edition table of contents by Mike Ashey Publishing.